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El Maestro 1991

Juan Manuel Fangio masterfully drifts the Lancia-Ferrari D50 through a corner on his way to winning the 1956 World Championship. At Monza in the 1956 Italian Grand Prix Fangio was forced to retire his D50 with a broken steering arm. His teammate, Peter Collins, also in good points standing for the championship, volunteered his relatively healthy Ferrari to Fangio. With Collins’ car and time to make up, the “Maestro” drove to second place 5.7 seconds behind Stirling Moss earning enough points to achieve his fourth World Championship.

The D50, designed by Vittorio Jano, it’s side panniers mounted between the wheels to reduce turbulence, forecast the aerodynamic ground-effects styling of Formula One race cars today. Aesthetically and technically a landmark design, it is a shame that only one Lancia-Ferrari D50 has survived to the present.

EL MAESTRO received the 1992 Meadow Brook Hall Award of Excellence.

Stainless-steel and bronze on marble

Size - 11x24x14”

Edition Size - 21

Price: $10,500